Hair and nature in harmony

Keraplant Nature is a research-driven, harmonious blend of natural ingredients to enhance the wellbeing and beauty of hair from the shampoo bowl all the way home. It’s our way of saying yes to the planet while refusing old, outdated concepts. This comprehensive, completely attuned line says no to parabens, no to sulphates and silicones and no to mineral oils and colorants. Because we have faith in a cleaner world and raw materials that respect the environment, the hair and the scalp.


Pairing the power of nature with the power of our stylists to calm, heal and renew.

The planet’s resources are not infinite.


Keraplant Nature treats to purify
and detoxify the scalp and hair.

Treatments that respect hair and scalp deep down

Our approach is based on a professional ritual, which makes Salon Consultants its primary authors.


Careful diagnosis by the professional is the primary tool on which the Keraplant® Nature treatment is based.

Purifying, calming action

Keraplant® Nature Muds perform an important detoxifying and skin-calming action on the scalp, preparing it for further treatments. Their use is therefore fundamental prior to any other treatment.

Cleansing action

Cleansing the scalp is carried out by the range of specific Eudermic Treatments (Shampoos) formulated without any Parabens or Colorants, and with certified natural fragrances. All to perform a delicate, careful action on the scalp.

Specific treatments

The specific Keraplant® Nature treatment cleanses and looks after skin anomalies, with a targeted, intensive action. It nourishes the hair follicle, regulates the action of the sebaceous gland and re-establishes normal cell functions.

Maintenance action

The Keraplant® Nature maintenance treatment, for the salon or the home, preserves and strengthens the benefits of the targeted treatment.

Beautiful hair starts at

the seed of nature.

Phitocare Labs

Plant derived nourishment 

for beautiful hair

Beautiful hair starts at the seed of nature. In our R&D labs, nature and technology combine to create innovative formulas made of active phytoextracts, plant derivatives, flowers and natural raw materials. PHITOCARE LABS counts on the experience of Lisap, and its passion for innovation. Our patented formulas use organic extracts and natural essential oils.

Our research comes to life in our Keraplant Nature line. Our onsite green garden. Organic, sustainable and thoughtful, our garden thrives an evergreen bouquet of vitality. You’ll see plums, apricots, apples, peaches, cherries, almonds, medlars, persimmons, hazelnuts, wild berries, citrus, olive and even white jasmine, among others. Earth’s bounty at its best.

Plant derived nourishment inspires healthy and beautiful hair, but our green garden also inspires our mind, body and soul.

Hair and nature in harmony
Keraplant Nature treats to purify and detoxify the scalp and hair and address scalp-sensitive issues like hair loss, dandruff, sebum regulation and anti-aging.