Loving care for beautiful hair

Colored hair comes with needs as unique as your clients’ hair. Our Top Care Repair color care lines ensure long-lasting, healthy color with repairative formulas tailored to all types of hair, from bombshell but brittle blondes to vibrant redheads, silver sirens and curly goddesses. Because the decision to color hair is the decision to alter it, our color care lines ensure that decision has no regrets.



For those as passionate about caring for their hair color as they are obtaining it.

Top Care for Treated Hair

Curly and frizzy hair requires extra hydration and enhanced elasticity. Formulated with Brazil Nut Extract, Ceramide A2 and our Curly Care Complex, our four-part Curly Care Repair system nourishes, glosses and softens hair without parabens, colorants, sulphates and silicon. Elasticizing Shampoo, Elasticizing Cowash, Elasticizing Masque and Elasticizing Mousse lengthen and strengthen strands for soft to the touch, full bodied curls.

Rapid action. Less wait time. Ultimate lift.


For curly and frizzy hair in need of nourishment, body, lightness and elasticity

Curly care

Curly Care
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Elasticising Shampoo

Delicately cleanses curly or wavy hair by defining its shape.

Format 1000ml, 250ml, 75ml or 15ml

Elasticising Mask

Detangles and delicately cleanses curly or wavy hair bringing nourishment to the hair fibre.

Format 500ml, 250ml, 50ml or 15ml

Elasticising Mousse

Defines and boosts curly or wavy hair by making the fibre more elastic and adding body.

Format 250ml and 100ml

Elasticising Co-Wash

Conditions and delicately cleanses curly or wavy hair in one step, eliminating the frizz effect.

Format 150ml, 75ml or 15ml

Already stressed and fragile, chemically treated hair requires deep down hydration. Formulated with argan and Tahitian monoi oils, Ceramide A2 and our Elixir Care Complex, our three-part Elixir Care Repair system transforms and nourishes even the most damaged hair without parabens and colorants. Shining Shampoo, Shining Mask and Shining Oil systematically transform brittle and delicate hair; strands instantly appear healthier and ultimately hydrated, with restored shine, strength and color protection. Delicate enough for high frequency cleansing.


For stressed, sensitive hair that needs deep down hydration

Elixir care

How to
Step 01.

Applied on wet and dry hair, it enhances colour and shine, transforming the fibre and ensuring a magical texture. Protects hair from UV rays and external agents.


Shining Shampoo

Delicately cleanses, caring for the hair structure and protecting the colour. Frequent use shampoo.

Format 1000ml, 500m or 75ml

Shining Mask

Nourish, strengthens, softens and brightens.

Format 500ml, 250ml or 50ml

Shining Oil

Applied to damp and dry hair it enhances colour and shine, transforming the hair fibre to guarantee a perfect feeling texture.

Format 150ml or 50ml

Shining Treatment

It enhances the beauty and shine of the hair and moisturises ultra-dry patches of skin.

Format 50ml

Whether behind the chair or at home, colored hair requires cuticle care. Formulated with blueberry extract, Ceramide A2 and our Color Care Complex, our three-part Color Care system seals the cuticle for structurally stronger hair and longer lasting color without parabens, colorants and silicone. Barrier Cream, After-Color Acid pH Shampoo and pH Balancer Conditioner work in tandem to make color last longer from the moment it’s applied by closing down the cuticle and sealing in healthy, beautiful color. Even after color, hair is stronger than before.


Compliments professional hair coloring both in the hair salon and at home.

Color care


Barrier Cream

Has a protective and preventive action on the skin and prevents hair colour skin staining during color applications.

Format 150ml

After-Color Acid ph Shampoo

After-color acid pH shampoo is used when removing processed hair color. It elimates alkaline hair color residue from the scalp and hair.

Format 1000ml or 250ml

pH Balancer Conditioner

Applied after After-Color Acid Shampoo, this conditioner restores the physiological pH of both the hair and skin and enhances color shine.

Format 1000ml or 250ml

Any stylist will agree, after-care is as important as the color process itself. Formulated with sunflower seed extract, Ceramide A2 and our Chroma Care Complex, our two-part Chroma Care system maintains hues and fights the fade with cuticle care without parabens, colorants and sulfates. Revitalizing Colored and Treated Hair Shampoo and Protective Colored and Treated Hair Mask are pH balanced and prevent hair scales from opening, thus encouraging colored hair to retain pigment wash after wash. Sunflower seed extract fights free radicals for the ultimate in UV protection and color enhancement.


Enhances color and boosts
shine shampoo after shampoo

Chroma care

Chroma care

Guarantees shine, which can often fade after repeated washing. Conditions hair very effectively without causing any color fade, boosts long-lasting color effects and shine.


Revilitalising Colored and Treated Hair Shampoo

Gently cleanses colored, decolored and treated hair, revitalising the color helping to make it last longer.

Format 1000ml or 250ml

Protective Colored and Treated Hair Mask

Protects colored hair, makes hair colors last longer and also makes hair fibre more resistant to frequent washing.

Format 500ml or 250ml

Lovers of ultra blonde, ultra perfect hair know the struggle is all too real: Brass can take down a blonde within a shampoo or two. Formulated with goji extract, Ceramide A2 and our Silver Care complex, our two-part Silver Care system neutralizes brass for deeply hydrated and crisp whites and highlights without parabens. White and Highlighted Hair Shampoo and White and Highlighted Hair Spray work in tandem to cancel out yellow and copper tones, strengthen and restore hair, revive flatness and boost shine. The ideal line for better blondes, stunning platinums and gorgeous whites and greys.


For lovers of ultra perfect

blonde hair

Silver care


White and Highlighted Hair Shampoo

Neutralises unwanted yellowness and restores shine and manageability with a natural conditioning action also on decolored and highlighted hair.

Format 500ml or 250ml

White and Highlighted Hair Spray

Naturalises yellow and copper tones in light-colored hair, decolored hair and hair with highlights and creates shine.

Format 125ml

Hair is easily overworked by hot tools, over-processing and over-zealous washing, leaving it brittle, thirsty and in need of repair. Formulated with Papyrus Extract, Ceramide A2 and our Hydra Care Complex, our four-part Hydra Care system rebuilds and restores overstressed cuticles without parabens, colorants and sulfates. Intensive Nourishing Shampoo, Fast-Action Nourishing Conditioner, Intensive Nourishing Mask and Fast Action Nourishing Cream systematically transform, detangle and nourish dry, brittle hair for perfectly nourished lengths and ends.


To restore beauty and shine

to hair

Silver care


Intensive Nourishing Shampoo

Delicately cleanses, giving very dry and damage hair new vitality, smoothness and a well cared for appearance. Leaves hair shiny and soft.

Format 1000ml or 250ml

Fast-Action Nourishing Conditioner

Provides perfect levels of nourishment to very dry lenghts, strengthens and internally restructures the hair. Provides protection for revitalised hair with more body.

Format 1000ml or 250ml

Intensive Nourishing Mask

Detangles, hydrates and nourishes hair deep down leaving it stronger and more vibrant!

Format 500ml or 250ml

Fast Action Nourishing Mask

Detangles and softens the hair from the roots to tips. Easy and quick application, no need to rinse out.

Format 125ml

Top Care Repair
Ultimately kinder to the environment and formulated for beautiful hair and long lasting color, Top Care Repair enhances a range of hair types and needs, from curly to treated and damaged, color-treated, silver and white and ultra brittle and dry.