We do meaningful hair


To do meaningful doesn’t happen overnight.
To be able to do beautiful hair means we’re constantly investing in education >, connecting over color with our community >, and sharing a formula for passion, based on innovation >.


Innovation is a constant learning curve


Beautiful hair doesn’t
happen on its own.

It’s an evolutionary cycle sparked by magical breakthroughs in our R & D labs that inspire creativity behind the chair. That incredible artistry, in turn, inspires new groundbreaking formulas and the wheel of invention spins yet again.

Innovation brought us here. Education will take us anywhere we dream to go.



Our immersive education curriculum is essential to our focus. Extensive color, care and finishing lines combined with our long Italian history drives our vision for the future of beautiful hair. Our Color Theory is an essential part of the Lisap Pro experience, and our master classes, taught by our industry’s brightest stars, are a can’t miss.

A course of color

Masterful classes for masterful artists


A family of brands. One community


Connecting over color.

Lisap Community

As we bring our love of color to the United States, we want to connect with professionals who love to color outside of the lines. Our social media and brand ambassador programs are designed for those who speak and breathe hair color and design, just like we do.

Are you feeling influential ?

Brand Ambassadors

Let’s show the world how you do color
If you express your creativity with color behind the chair, we want to hear from you. You could be a vital member of our US-based ambassador collective.

Lisap Influential
Lisap Influential

Nature and technology inspired by design



And a formula for passion

Our approach goes beyond beautiful hair as we embrace the cutting edge of green chemistry. Nature and technology come together in our R & D labs to produce revolutionary formulas derived from plants, flowers and raw materials. Our color, care and finishing lines are not only kinder to hair, but kinder to our environment as well as color-loving professionals that use us every day.

A green commitment. Period.

Progressively greener, philosophically cleaner



We’ve always protected beautiful hair from environmental stressors. But we also have our own promise, and that’s to protect the environment from the stressors of our beloved industry. We go the step further by:



Formulating with clinically-proven active ingredients of certified natural origin

Using only eco friendly techniques in extracting our raw materials

Committing to reducing environmental pollution by adhering to a number of international protocols

Bottling and packaging with natural and recyclable materials and utilizing eco design with a progressively green philosophy

Making modern, natural choices

And eco-ethical solutions

Health Conscious Responsability
We’ve made it our goal to full our salons, our backbars and our homes with eco-ethical solutions based on raw materials that respect the hair and scalp deep down. Making modern, natural choices is better for us as stylists, and it’s better for the world we live in.

But we’re not just eliminating pollutants, we’ve put our promise to paper to:

Reduce CO2 emissions by voluntarily applying the Kyoto International Protocol.

Reduce electricity and water consumption during production.

Respect Good Manufacturing Policies for cosmetic products adhering to the main cosmetic industry standards.

Respect Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Increase our use of natural and recyclable materials and eco design for an increasingly green philosophy.